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We have hammered home the messages that consent is vital and it’s still rape even if the two people know each other.We’ve told legions of college students that “no means no” even if you’re in the middle of something or have had sex before; that alcohol is no excuse for not getting someone’s consent (or put another way, it’s never okay to have sex with a person who is passed out in your bed); and most importantly, that no one is ever at fault if they are raped, even if they’ve gotten themselves into a situation they “shouldn’t have.” While I respect Bristol’s right to her own feelings, I can’t help but think she’s setting back the clock on these messages.

The thing was that Sarah herself kept pointing to her children, and her role as hockey mom, as proof that she was qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

I don’t think you get to point to your kids in the morning and yell at commentators in the afternoon for “targeting” them.

Then, after Sarah Palin lost the election but became a media sensation, Bristol started talking herself.

We have to teach young people to think critically about their sexual decisions time whether this is their first time or their twentieth and whether this is their first partner or their fifth.

Our obsession with virginity sends a dangerous message that only one decision is important, and sets teens off on a lifetime of regret.

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She became (double gulp) an ambassador for the abstinence movement, and a well-paid one at that, apparently charging $30,000 for speeches.