Braces teeth dating

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Braces teeth dating

The most common permanent teeth to be congenitally missing are: 1 – Wisdom Teeth – The teeth all the way in the back of your mouth.

Wisdom teeth account for so many congenitally missing teeth that when you take them out of the equation, the percentage of adults with missing teeth drops from 20% to around 5%.

When people are missing a tooth, it is most common to only see one or two teeth missing rather than many teeth.

Neville and Damm’s oral pathology textbook states, “In whites with missing teeth, approximately 80% will demonstrate loss of only one or two teeth.” Forming a tooth is a complex process.

Children and existing exempt adult patients are still treated under the NHS.

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Most cases of hypodontia result from a lack of a little band of tissue, known as the , underneath the gums to form.

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2 – Second Premolars – The teeth right in front of your molars.

If you only have one instead of two, you could either have a congenitally missing tooth or it’s possible that one of your premolars was taken out when you had braces.

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