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Of course the article mentions neither when this specific trend became noticeable (from last year or from five years ago) nor does it mention the locality or magnitude of the trend.Of course the claim is impossible to determine with any precision since such comprehensive time-series data is not available from the DPRK.It is entirely plausible to me that this term has made the transition to categorizing the prostitution industry as well. Korean women turning to prostitution, porn to earn money Donga-Ilbo 2011-10-10 and wrote a long article on North Korean culture.Most of the information is familiar to long-time DPRK watchers, though there were a few nuggets of information I had not heard before. Around 2,000 western tourists visited last year, plus perhaps 10 times as many Chinese visitors.If you answered "yes" to most of these questions then this online dating service is for you!These Terms and Conditions are binding documents which govern your use of our services and our provision of these services to you.The 105-storey Ryugyong hotel – more than two decades in construction – is finally glass-sheathed and due to open in 2012.

And how many friend of a friend dates can you have when you are busy?

Anecdotally, the women hint that they often are the ones to decide whether their husband’s skills are actually worth paying such sums of money. “I don’t know if you can call it power, but women do what men can’t do, so we can speak louder now,” she says. The men are then sent to a job in a state-run work unit, which — strapped for cash — doesn’t necessarily pay wages any more. The extra burden women carry is beginning to have social consequences, with young women hoping to delay marriage to avoid taking on a husband. “A sufficient engagement,” it proclaimed, “has two people and their parents meeting to confirm the marriage, and wedding ceremonies should be a gathering at someone’s home.” Regarding funeral arrangements and ancestral rites, it recommended, “Commemorate a death by placing a medal or honorary certificate before an image of the deceased along with flowers, while the various commemorative services on the 3rd day or the birthday of the deceased should be eliminated.” Getting into minutae, it added of a groom’s suit color, “Discard the convention of wearing a black or dark blue suit; men should wear bright colors according to season.” In these ways, the article asserted, kwanhonsangjae becomes an aesthetic and modern set of customs with a uniquely Chosun ethnic color.

For men, their emasculation within their own households is now a fact of life. The piece appears to show both the state’s desire to restrain consumption but also to reassert ‘socialist’ attitudes and encourage nationalist attitudes, thus pushing back against the impact of foreign ideas coming in via overseas media, South Korean dramas and so on.

But it is hard to see how it can achieve its pledge to become “a great, powerful and prosperous nation” by then – even given the Stakhanovite industrial efforts lauded in its newspapers. Pyongyang is lucky: no one is plump, but nor is there noticeable emaciation.

Dr Andrei Lankov, associate professor at Kookmin University in Seoul, says the official income in Pyongyang is around 3,000 won a month, but many have ways of making money on the side and – unlike other North Koreans – its residents receive subsistence food rations.

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If we don’t make money, they starve, so life is hard for women.” … Kim gets up at each morning to feed the animals she sells, and also brews alcohol illegally.

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