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* Hid the brush that Willow planted at the Brady home that would have wrongfully incriminated Chelsea for Willow's crime in breaking and entering and arson.* Killed Trent Robbins for Melanie, and then tried to pin it on Melanie. * Thought to be dead so Kate, Sami and Gabi threw him in the river.During this venture, Nick was able to show off his talents as a 'geek James Bond' while they traveled through the exotic and treacherous Canadian terrain.

She may spend some time behind bars thanks to the allegations against her. That could result in someone using a weapon to fight Andre off.The good news is Gabi Chic will likely remain with the corporation. Camila Banus dropped a hint in an Instagram story a few months back.She said something about a police lineup, so maybe a witness will identify Gabi as Andre’s killer.Both regretted this indiscretion and decided it was best to keep it from Chelsea.In an effort to further ingratiate himself with Chelsea, he helped her on her mission to bring money to Shawn and Belle while they were on the run from Philip.

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