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Blackmailed on webcam

Lastly, it was just a matter of creating a new email and shot an email to Lauren. His glee at seeing a new email from Lauren soon sank to worry when he read her email. Happy he had guessed right, he booted up his computer, his excitement building. My research for this case should wrap up in the next day or two." She gave him a slow smile.

It seemed to take forever for his browser to come up. "Sorry hun, I just wanted to say good night." She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "And your birthday is coming up don't forget." Glen smiled back and watched her ass sway as she moved back up the stairs.

He saw most had some sort of Illini gear, clearly a sorority photo. He checked the email through the rest of the afternoon but there was no reply. The taboo nature of it all nearly caused him to come right there.

It was only after he cleaned himself off that an interesting idea percolated in his mind. Inevitably, the sex had fallen off and Glen was left to his own devices when he would rather have had his wife around. Because webcam blackmailers are often based abroad, it is very difficult to locate and arrest them. " Glen moved the mouse and grabbed the action bar to rewind the scene that just played before his eyes. And then incredibly, the cam panned down to show a beautiful pussy, neatly trimmed (in a heart shape! There was a framed poster of Van Gogh's "Starry Night." Hung along the side were pictures very familiar to Glenn. So Glen decided to try out a new recording program as he browsed some anonymous web cam sites. He opened up his email account and was pleased to see that Lauren was online. Glen put up a sign in front of his cam that read "Happy Times" and then invited her to video chat. As the video box popped up, he saw that the room was darker than before and the wall behind was completely free of any wall hangings.

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-You will gain access to my computer and can delete the file yourself. Glen smiled, ideas beginning to form about what he was going to do to his sister-in-law. Please take it to the next level, and have Glen force his sister-in-law to disgrace herself in public.

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