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About Guys I Want To Meet: $.post(" About Me: "Boxing is the only socially acceptable way for two grown men to: Strip down, wear silk or satin trunks with leather boots in public.

Put on some nice gloves and step into a pretty ring to fight over a belt and win a purse." HOT DAMN! Real boxer here, Toned About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking for sparring partners - to go from light to heavy, even to KO. Also seeking, jobbers and punching bags seeking to live out their personal fantasies against a trained boxer.

I am the youngest of five siblings with myself as the last to be born and come from a dysfunctional bu... About Me: So, I'm an enthusiast of wrestling, martial arts, and so on. Funny, Adventurous, Confident, Mature, Goal-Oriented, Caring and Loving - I been to almost every state on the east co...

That said, there's a lot for me to learn as far as how all of that works. About Guys I Want To Meet: -Nice and genuine person -Family type of guy -Funny, likes to cuddle, as well as watch movies -handsome, but modest -Can keep a conversation going -Will go traveling with me -Honest and loyal -Know's what they want in life -Someone who likes to play sports would be a plus or at least stay ac...

$.post(" About Me: Normal easy going guy looking for some good times. $.post(" About Me: Simple black man ltr oriented, extroverted, alpha. About Me: Hey fellas..muscular guy here looking for other guys to workout, dine, enjoy outdoor activities and relax with. About Guys I Want To Meet: 0D $.post(" About Me: I like to laugh. I've learned over the years it's the best medicine (hey, it beats twitter outrage).

If we ever decide to meet, we can take it from there. About Me: I'm a hard working family man to my bloodline and extended family. ) Looking for a gym buddy to help me progress faster!!!Publishers may not attempt to discover the identity of a Google button user unless the user consents to share his or her identity with the Publisher via a Google-approved authorization procedure.This prohibition includes identifying users by correlating Google button reporting data from Google with Publisher data.Have access to a ring in the Metro area.0D $.post(" About Me: Well, I guess this is where I let you know about me so here goes. I'm up for whatever the adventure might be and maybe gettin... If you like to spar and climb rock walls, I'll invite you out for coffee.0D $.post("I'm a two time former member of this site that has decided to come back for what will be my third and possible final time here. About Guys I Want To Meet: Friendly, playful, adventurous, a quick laugh, and a bit philosophical? About Me: - I'm a college athlete (cross-country,track) - I love to meet new people, travel, and try new things out - If I had to pick a few words to describe my personality it would be....

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Great sense of humor and love to laugh and goof around. Right around thirty, but interested in people of all ages.