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Billonaire  dating sites in us

In 2009, the group--flush with WWE cash--gave ,000 to the American Cancer Society, 00 to the Alzheimer’s Association, 00 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and 0 to the Special Olympics.

Trump, an avid golfer, also donated 0,000 apiece to the Tiger Woods Foundation, the William J.

More than his towering ego, vituperative tongue, or peculiar hairstyle, money has defined Trump during the 30-plus years he has spent in the public eye.

And while he has donated ,000 to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Trump also wrote a 00 check to the Edward M. The recipient of the largest single Trump donations has been the United Way of New York City, which received 0,000 in 20.In 2006, Trump’s foundation did give 00 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund, a controversial Scientology program (co-founded by Tom Cruise) that promoted a “purification rundown” for firemen and others who inhaled toxins while working near the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center.While the Trump foundation’s 2010 tax return won’t become public until later this year, it seems unlikely--if history is any indication--that any groups providing aid in the wake of last January’s Haiti earthquake received money from the billionaire.Clinton Foundation, and a hospital foundation connected to Arnold Palmer.Trump also donated ,000 to the foundation of golfer Annika Sorenstam, 00 to Golf Pros Beating Cancer, and 00 to the Metropolitan Golf Association Foundation.

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