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Big fish internet dating

- 1931 Georges Lemaître: big bang proposal in Nature.Hubble Reindicted: Post-dating the "discovery" of the expansion and pre-dating the theory not only helps with the canonical big bang storytelling, as an aside, it also helped to wrongly attribute the "Hubble Law".Both were positively reviewed in the December 2009 issue of PHYSICS TODAY (page 51).Other writers have stated the facts correctly as well..." " [Please send your favorite example of this to [email protected] ] So consider now this excerpt from NASA's Test of the Big Bang article.As widely documented and shown below, published theoretical and observational considerations that pre-dated Hubble suggested that many galaxies are receding.] The universe was expanding after all, just as General Relativity originally predicted! GR can support a static, contracting, or expanding universe.] ...In other words, the Hubble law is just what one would expect for a homogeneous expanding universe, as predicted [retrodicted] by the Big Bang theory.

- Hubble wrote to astronomer JH Reynolds asking him to refrain from publishing that which Hubble later published without reference to Reynolds.

- Hubble wrote to de Sitter in 1930, "I consider the velocity-distance relation [i.e., "Hubble's Law"], its formulation, testing and confirmation, as a Mount Wilson [i.e., Hubble] contribution and I am deeply concerned in its recognition as such." Clearly.

- The astronomy establishment, Nasa, et al., psychoanalyzes Lemaître and claims that he was humble and did not desire "establishing priority for his original discovery." So perhaps RSR could be forgiven for trying our own hand at psychoanalysis.

- The "It is still widely held that in 1929 Edwin Hubble discovered the expanding Universe and that this discovery was based on his extended observations of redshifts in spiral nebulae. There is little excuse for this, since there exists sufficient well-supported evidence about the circumstances of the discovery.

The circumstances have been well documented even recently with the publication of two books: Bartusiak (2010), Nussbaumer & Bieri (2009).

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So consider this concise, corrected chronology of discovery: - 1912 Vesto Slipher: The radial velocity of the Andromeda Nebula.

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