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Bengali speed dating london 2016

Terry Hollins, 43, who lives in Burnham Street around the corner from the attack, said: 'I was driving home at the time just after the attack around 7pm.

Jabed Hussain, an Uber Eats driver, a Deliveroo driver, and four other moped drivers were left injured after they had a corrosive liquid sprayed directly into their faces as they waited at traffic lights in East and North London in a 72-minute rampage earlier this month.

Five litre bottles of water are now to be stocked in emergency patrol cars across the the capital to provide vital and immediate treatment on the scene.

On Saturday, the Daily Mail spoke to a gang member, named 'Off', who spoke of the reasons as to why people are now choosing acid rather than weapons to attack their victims.

They had acid on their face and they were burning - their skin was peeling off.'I just gave them water, they were shouting and I gave them water and they were washing their faces.

'I've heard the attack happened around the corner in Globe Road and they both drove here and then went into the shop.'There was a car parked across the road and it had a cordon around it.Currently, there is no penalty for being caught in possession of acid-based chemicals as opposed to a knife or a gun.The acid - known as a 'face melter' due to the appalling effects it has on skin - can also be bought from the high street, it works quickly and can be thrown from a distance. The window was open and the police were interested in it.I think it belonged to one of the victims.'Paramedics were treating him on the corner for over an hour and a half.'They put up a tarpaulin around him as they treated him.

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Their injuries are not life threatening.'No arrests have been made. East London MP Stephen Timms recently called for carrying acid to be made a crime following a spate of attacks with corrosive liquids.