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Historically, male and female clothing has evolved from simple kaupinam, langota, dhoti, lungi, saree, gamucha, and loincloths to cover the body to elaborate costumes not only used in daily wear but also on festive occasions as well as rituals and dance performances.In urban areas, western clothing is common and uniformly worn by people of all social levels.

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Most of the present knowledge of ancient Indian clothing comes from rock sculptures and paintings in cave monuments such as Ellora.

These images show dancers and goddesses wearing what appears to be a dhoti wrap, a predecessor to the modern sari.

India's recorded history of clothing goes back to the 5th millennium BC in the Indus Valley civilization where cotton was spun, woven and dyed.

Bone needles and wooden spindles have been unearthed in excavations at the site.

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"The Indians use linen clothing, as says Nearchus, made from the flax taken from the trees, about which I have already spoken.

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