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All buildings in this category merit designation as Boston Landmarks and as individual listings in the National Register of Historic Places, and in the State Register of Historic Places. §2Q Fi|h^5'g4ys-T|i^f' Permits — July 1 101 Parker Hill Ave. Permit 1904 ,r-4.u J I- j-u IT TT ,r J -, T Nurses Home l A/ithey and j Jithey. In 1963--its 70th year — the Training School for Nurses had developed a program that employed 26 full-time faculty who worked with 17? The school now was affiliated with Children's as well as the Boston Lying-in Hospital. =#11-7 £i&r^ Bibli O|g:t^aphy continued i Damrell. Designation as a Boston Landmark involves protection against demolition and involves design review of proposed exterior alterations. Edward Sears Read, the architect of the original 1922 lurses Residence also was the designer of the 1923-^ Georgian Revival New England Baptist Hospital complex across Fisher Avenue at 101 Parker Hill (see form for). Buildings selected for inclusion in these forms were marked on a 400-scale map by black dots with accompanying notations of inventory form numbers. Building information forms are organized in a loose-leaf notebook and are further arranged alphabetically by street address. ^xic ^^/j a.\.j.a.^ oinj\;s thls house located closer to Parker St This house was moved back at som.e point ir the i SSO's that time Folsom Ave was set out. A division of Faine's cooperative bank, the ' orkingm Bns Building Assoc, , served as the central finance and planning agencyo This "cottagy''si;.bciv" had its roots in the vritings of A. This well as on the brewer"' ■;ro Derty-in 1*^70 3 Centra K? ft Boof ON LANDMARKS COMMISSION Building lafonnation Fonn Form No . iie^§7i|/'86 Boston Building Department: Building Packet — 123-7 Heath Street. Significance continued i — a syndicate which included the American (249A Heath Street), Continental, Franklin (see Jamaica Plain survey), Robinson (see Jaunaica Plain survey), Elmwood plants.

Because of the considerable number of structures within the survey area, the decision was made to record buildings or areas of particular historic and/or architectural significance using the standard Boston Landmarks Commission Building Information form (Appendix I). Photography - Photographs were taken for buildings described on individual Building Information Forms. Informatioa Orgaaization - The 100-scale maps (Building Style/Material/ Type) and copies of all building information forms will be kept on file at the office of the Boston Landmarks Commission and will be available for consultation. planning Faine 's develnperent vas considerably ahead of its tire. ordinary cheap construction f^r fam.ilies of miodest mean:-. -in other words directly across lived at 79^ Parker St in l880. In recent years the brick Eurkhardt stable has been used by light industries. BL'RKHARDT, BOSTON, MASSACHl ., I t^x^Ur-HAH/M}rio/- ^■fr . farter Vji i( / Mit^ic^^v |4t K 123-5 Heath Street page 2 .

Mc Donough, Director of Survey and Planning and Carol Kennedy, Assistant Survey Director. 5/5, S/e-, 6/1-m PH 2.6/6*-^4rpn 3'V^-3^ TYPE (residential) single (non- residential) double row 2-fam. Hanover (IS9I) and the Lockhart Building at 137-1^9 Staniford Street c. In addition, Footman is the architect of the elaborate ^iueen Anne style American Brewing Company buildings located nearby at 249A H^eath Street. 4-fe^rm ^xr.£^ Rtrt^.-Hill/VV5-s'.cv^ liinpnciaii si ngle double row Z-tam. fnon-res Tdentia H) Commercial/residential Block 3 NO. Fe vas the son of T^oxbury carpenter/architect Saruel ? Furber--who, at this time, lived Preservation Consideration (accessibility, re-use possibilities, capacity for public use and enjoyment, protection, utilities, context) on Humboldt Avenue in -'Washington Park.

The goal of the project was to undertake an in-depth architectural and historical survey of the Parker Hill/Mission Hill study area and to make recommendations for National Register listings and Boston Landmark designations. OF STORIES (1st to cornice)_ ROOF^ cupola plus basere.^t dormers MATERIALS (Frame) clapb oards shingles stucco asphalt asbestos alum/vi nvl (Other) Ey 1930, it housed the Janes Insurance Agency and Augustus Coppernait undertakers . vas in partnership v/his father f r n c, 1895-1920. He is listed as a cc.rpenter livi near .•"oxbury Cross ing. =^'/t e- S^- Huvrnhj^rtrv' Bibliography and/or references (such as loc records, early maps, etc.

INTRODUCTION Brief topographical history of Parker Hill/Mission Hill Review of Architectural Styles and Building Types Notable Areas of Development and Sub Area Maps II. 28, 1894 763-82--various BOSTON L-Jl NDMARKS COMMISSION Building Information Form Form No . ; Klmwootl Spring Urancli, 44 Kin^ St.; Kr^inkliii Branoli, 3175 Washington St.; llanley i V Ilrancli, 104 Ward St.!

METHODOLOGY General Procedures Evaluation - Recording Research III. Districts National Register of Historic Places Boston Landmarks District Architectural Conservation Districts B. is active as an vas also the Presi- of the Foxbury Higb , capacity architect until his death c.l96c . a\Jg^Mb^ra^ty9'^g-'&^ possibilities for public use and enjoyment, protection, utilities, context) a--^- ^^ SUB AREA i Oi C{£i\esuyrvo Uu Se- w'.

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The boundaries of the 1984-5 Parker Hill/Mission Hill Study Area are shown on Map I.