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Select the project and go to “Uploads” to access the upload archive.

The upload archive lists all uploads you have made in the past.

Every upload triggers multiple actions and can modify a lot of data in your projects. However, Phrase App allows you yo easily remove keys that were (wrongly) introduced by a file you uploaded: All keys and associated translations created by that upload will be removed.

Please note that translations for keys that existed prior to the upload will not be removed.

You can skip the automatic generation of upload tags by selecting the Skip upload tags option to avoid this.

This option is available within the Translation Center upload interface and via the API.

Every upload tag includes a timestamp that indicates the upload date.

The number of upload tags can grow quickly, if you upload a lot of files or if you choose the Update translations option.

Simply upload your localization files into the project and select "Orders" to get an instant quote.

Math Works Machine Translation The automated translation of this page is provided by a general purpose third party translator tool.

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Make sure your file does not contain any syntax errors or invalid characters.

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