Bars dating

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Bars dating

Grab a cocktail from the rotating list of creations, and order a pizza from the kitchen.

If you’re actually planning to bowl, lanes can be rented by the hour for to depending on day and time.

For a first date in particular, you’re looking for a place that shows you’re cool, but won’t come off as pretentious; has great music playing, but not so loudly you can’t comfortably converse; offers decent parking so you won’t end up running late because you’re circling the block forever; and has a tasty mix of drinks to enjoy.

A date-worthy bar is like a well-crafted cocktail: it requires a thoughtful balance of several elements.

As for getting a second date, well, that part is up to you.

Alibi Room is a perfect option for a low-key intro on the Westside.

You’ll get to taste freshly brewed or barrel-aged beers from their assortment of 20 options on tap, in an upbeat atmosphere. A.’s oldest—there, we just gave you some trivia to talk about!

Order a tasting flight and you two can compare notes on Beach Day Orange Wheat versus Hyperion Vanilla Stout. ), there is almost always a spot available somewhere inside Highland Park Bowl.

The cocktail list is creative and includes some chic “mocktails” for when you’re not trying to guzzle one too many with this stranger you’re meeting for the first time.

Neighbor is right on Abbot Kinney, so it’s convenient and easy to find (though you might want to plan ahead for parking) and you can go for a fun stroll if the date is going well.

Enjoy tasty cocktails and a full food menu in your choice of a plush indoor space or a large, lovely outdoor area, perfect for lounging amongst the potted plants and assessing your date in natural light.

Wine starts at by the glass, and a bottle of 2011 French Pinot Blanc will set you back .

Augustine doesn’t take reservations, but seats are available at the bar, inside tables, or on the patio.

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They keep the list of beers and wines tightly edited—meaning you won’t spend more time chatting with the somm than your date—and the soundtrack comes via a collection of vinyl records behind the bar, which makes for a great conversation prompt should you need a topic.