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Still pictures were mounted on easels so that studio cameras could photograph them.

Developing film for moving pictures and transporting it to New York usually meant that the film available for newscasts was outdated by the time of broadcast.

But network organizations quickly expanded their scope and influence.

When Don Hewitt, who later developed 60 Minutes, became the regular director of Douglas Edwards with the News, he developed techniques to project slides on a screen behind the news anchor.

The "press-radio war" began in 1922 when the Associated Press asked its newspaper members to stop letting radio stations use their stories.

Eventually the dispute led to an embargo which broadcasters defeated.

He guessed, correctly, that listeners would want information.

"Reversal" film which came out of the processor as a positive print was introduced in 1958, reducing time in film editing and making fresher, timlier stories avialable for broadcast.

Two major remaining roadblocks to making TV news truly current were the lack of fast transportation and the networks' inability to do live coast-to-coast broadcasts.

Television was ready for its full-scale launch, but the demands of the war kept the new medium at parade rest until 1945.

It was 1947 before the television networks were formed, even though the networks' stations in New York presented some news programming in 1946.

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