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Posted by / 30-Apr-2020 13:32

For example, to run a scan called “Weekly scan”, the command line would be: ash /@=”Weekly scan” The scan will be run based on the parameters defined for the given scan.Any other parameters entered in the command line will be ignored.From that point the antivirus should remove everything that might not be good for your Windows 10 system.However, if clicking on the ‘resolve all’ option isn’t working or if Avast isn’t completing the virus removal process, you need to act quickly as there might be a security breach.A feature of most of Avast programs is their capacity to update themselves directly.

What you need to do is to check if your Windows 10 is genuine or not and here is how you can do that: Avast might run properly if on your computer you are using other similar programs.Anyway, as you can see below, in most situations, when the ‘resolve all’ feature gets stuck we are discussing about a compatibility problem, which can be easily fixed as explained in this tutorial.You might experience functionality problems if your antivirus program cannot apply a certain update.And that’s might be the reason why you cannot use the ‘resolve all’ feature at this moment.You can disable Windows Defender by following: If the Avast ‘resolve all’ feature isn’t working because of some compatibility issues caused by other third-party apps or by recently installed software, you should reboot your Windows 10 system in safe mode and run a system scan from there.

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