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Aries woman dating characteristics

Because the Aries Man has so much awesomeness to offer, the good outweighs the otherwise negative attributes associated with this fiery sun sign!You’ll find it a whole lot easier to overlook his somewhat inflated ego, rash decision making, poor temperament, and impatience.His drive might prove to make him rash, quick to make decisions, and can instigate feelings of insecurity.The drive for perfection and to prove one’s self repetitiously in competitive ways can prove physically and mentally exhausting. Short fuse, egocentric thinking, self-centeredness, and emotional insecurity.And then we flip the coin and the not-so-appealing characteristics “rear their head,” in the Aries personality – particularly the characteristics of self-centeredness (remember, the key phrase of this man is “I am” while his key concept is “appearance”) and self-involvement.Just like the myth where Narcissus succumbs to vanity when he falls in love with his own reflection after catching sight of himself in a still pond; so, too, are the Aries men prone to fall when drawn in by their own magnetism!Rather, these confident creatures are at the ready to take the lead and their natural competitive nature compels the Aries Man take on challenges and obstacles “head on” just like the forceful Ram!As Aries is the sun sign ruling the head, it is the same region of the body serving as the erogenous zone for the Aries male.

This Zodiac Sign seeks to forge a path for those who follow.

Since this sun sign makes the Aries male a person who enjoys the thrill of the chase, if you play coy, you might keep his attentions, but once he’s won his trophy prize he may be off on a new hunt in no time whatsoever.

So, what kind of woman captures the Aries’ male’s heart – one who is shy, coy, quiet, and a challenge at every turn! One note of warning, though, remain loyal and attentive to this male and stray from angering him: He has the fiery wrath of a ram and a short fuse to match!

While the key mantra of the people under this sun sign is “I am,” it might seem more appropriate to say the mantra of men who are born under this sign might just as well be “Carpe diem … Though it easily could be the famous words of Julius Caesar, “Vini, Vidi, Vici” or “I came, I saw, I conquered!

” (And Caesar didn’t give one iota about comma splices either…) The deepest desire of the Aries Man, thanks to the planet influencing him, is to act … You won’t find an Aries male acting like a wallflower or sitting on a bench waiting to get in the game.

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They like straightforward sex, but are not afraid to try something new.

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