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The prophecy was very precise: Diarmuid would be killed by wounding, burning, drowning and a ridge pole falling on his head (a fourfold death, in fact). Black Aedh, in the doorway of the house where the king is feasting, pierces Diarmuid through the chest with his spear and breaks his spine; Diarmuid flees back into the house, but Aedh’s men set it on fire; Diarmuid immerses himself in a vat of ale to escape the flames; finally, the roof beam of the burning house falls on his head and finishes him off.The triple deaths of kings and warriors described in the Irish myths, very often prophesied in advance, involve accidental fatal injuries as well as intentional assaults, but they may mythologize an actual practice: a ritual form of threefold killing.My RSS feeds tell me that there’s a scandal in the U. right now over a prominent personality tweeting a comparison of an African American advisor to Obama with an ape.I had my own small taste of what it is like to be on the receiving end of such a comparison a few years back when I was visiting China.So I find it interesting that a prominent biblical scholar such as Stanley Porter turns to the same book.(Richard Carrier also makes good use of it in Proving history: Bayes’s theorem and the quest for the historical Jesus.) Zolondek ignores the relevant section of Porter’s chapter. The environment existed in a perfect state of harmony, as man and animal coexisted without death or threat. The lush vegetation contained fruit and trees not seen on earth since.

The triple manner of his death has led some to connect him with the early medieval myth of the ritual threefold death that befell some Irish kings.I laughed, but something deep down inside me was not laughing.Did I not belong to a race that historically compared others to subhuman species?He was naked but for an armlet made of fox-fur, and no grave goods accompanied him.The mistletoe in his digested food revealed that he had eaten a special ‘last supper’.

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In Australia I had become accustomed to hearing of certain ignorant whites comparing other races, including Asians, to a species less than human.

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