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They came to a “T” in the path but they carried on into the field.

They normally go right, the girl found herself letting the dog go into the field so she could follow.

do I go back she has turned round and looking at me.

She is smiling morning she is saying I cannot here her but her lip movement is obvious.

Sunday Morning after first experience K9 sex The day after; her first K9 experience.

The girl wakes to a lovely warm feeling her body is radiant.

God I cannot go on like this she carried on walking she was not going to stop this time.

She thinks about yesterday and does not feel any remorse.

The woman stood up ye that was down to you and your dog yesterday, we could not wait to get home. the girl asked the woman, my husband made me take all my clothes of in front of the dog and dance for him like a lap dancer.

We decided to have a threesome with our dog it lasted all night. It was very exciting I was bending down with my legs wide open and the dog was having a quick lick at my lips.

Ye we had a late night drinking and having sex last night.

The girl thought that was a lot of information but smiled and said sounds like a good night.

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They reach the woods and the girl takes her normal path the dog is off sniffing and running she just looks on; there is something different know she is admiring him not just watching him, the way he jumps runs so majestic.

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