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It’s size varies from 400X 300 pixel to 500X 350 pixel.Just wanted to say that I absolutely fell in love with the birthday song. They are so great and really made my birthday special. I will definitely share your site with others and highly recommend to anyone I can! I ordered a "stupid" birthday card for a friend of mine back in July and I think I can honestly say that I have probably gotten just as much if not more joy from it than he did. They are highly creative and brings together audio, video and moving images.The content is also placed in a very attractive way spell-binding everyone’s attention.Once the ecard is downloaded it can display obscene images or bombard your screen with pop-up ads.To avoid this trouble don’t open an ecard from unknown source or sender.• Valentine’s Day is for friends, too Who says you have to have a sweetheart to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The only difference is it’s not made of paper and is available online on your computer screen with the help on Internet connection.

Use antivirus software, never open a card with an attachment.

Flash card: These cards are incredibly designed are have striking appeal.

Nieces are wonderful, and if yours has a birthday coming up you probably need a card.

No matter what type of card you're looking for, silly, sentimental, or serious, we can help.

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If you can't be there in person for your niece on her birthday, but you want a truly unique way to wish her a wonderful birthday, try our talking ecards.