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Andra sex web

I wore this big feather boa and a Jamiroquai hat, and I literally, move for move, did all their little tricks to get women.The most heartbreaking thing is it actually fucking worked.Like giving someone a little trinket stimulates this happy feeling.It's like, "well, I'm an ugly nerdy magician. I have to psychologically manipulate women into giving me attention." Which I guess you could argue any man is doing on some level. Thank _God _I started doing standup, because I would be a virgin if I hadn't.

I think they also talk about associating a good feeling with your presence.You say something like, "oh, you have a really cute smile. So I would go up to girls and be like, "you're really beautiful.You look like the kind of girl who likes eating Doritos." And it totally worked.The whole jist of it is: dress like an asshole and get girls drunk. I didn't get until I was like 24 or 25, when I was doing standup a lot and drinking a lot, and that combination made it easier. Or, if I wasn't a virgin, I would be fucking miserable and lonely.You could write a whole book on it and just print those two lines. I haven't gone full-force in a douchy club in a full feather boa. I like, did a Tinder profile for my character as a kind of half-goof/half-research-for-the-role, and I lasted like four days and chickened out, and my ex-girlfriend scolded me. I thought you just press a few likes and you're in. I didn't have any info in my bio and I think I only had one picture up, so there were a few things working against me. I think to women, even if they want to fuck immediately, it's just not that attractive to be a horny, beast of a man. The past 10 years have just been a series of broken relationships and random sex with strange women. [Pause] I don't know, isn't monogamy biologically manliness? All our attitudes of sex are totally warped by pilgrims, and pilgrims are these awful, puritanical, anti-sext Calvinists who left Europe because they thought it was a hedonistic sex cauldron.

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It didn't always work, but it didn't _not _work.