Amber tamblyn still dating david cross

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Emily's grandfather, Edward Quartermaine, attempts to sabotage a performance by Ned in order to lure Ned back to ELQ Enterprises, the family business.

Emily is overjoyed when Juan is well received as Ned's opening act, a ploy to buy more time while Ned is being located.

Emily is then blackmailed by Gia Campbell who knows about that Emily was with Ted before he died.

Gia claims she is innocent in regards to Emily's blackmail, and Emily's guilt grows when she learns that Ted was an undercover police officer.

Initially considered a suspect, Emily is eventually cleared and embarks on a new career in modeling.

She also breaks up with Juan, who later leaves town.Emily and Zander are tracked to the Canadian border by her brother Jason Morgan, a mafia enforcer who works for Sorel's rival Sonny Corinthos, and Emily convinces him to let Zander cross the border without interference.Emily returns to Port Charles and the Quartermaines, and is stunned when Zander arrives at her window asking her to run away with him.Emily learns that Zander had been working for unethical mob boss Joseph Sorel, who placed a hit on Zander for the problems he had created.When she starts to develop romantic feelings for Zander, Emily chooses to stay with him rather than escape, and he reveals that Sorel is responsible for Ted's murder.

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Through adoption she gained four siblings, Dawn Winthrop, Skye Quartermaine, A. Pierce sues Monica for sexual harassment, and Emily's cousin Ned Ashton discovers Emily's addiction.

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