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One of the most successful programs is Operation Blue Ridge Thunder, in rural Bedford County, Virginia. When Watson goes online posing as a young girl, he is immediately besieged with messages.

The Bedford County sheriff, Mike Brown, created the unit in 1998 after a girl in the area was targeted by an Internet predator. "If I go into a chat room, without saying a word, within one or two minutes, it's nothing for me to have 15, 16 people well over 18 trying to talk to me," he says.

Non-members of NAADAC or non-subscribers of Accu Care receive 1 CE for (make payment here).He also serves on the Behavioral Science and Human Services Licensure Board in Indiana.Don is a national presenter and consultant in addictions studies in higher education, scopes of practice, legal and ethical issues, clinical supervision, research, and assisting states in the legislative process for addictions counseling licensure.Stackhouse had traveled more than 800 miles to pick up Diana and a friend in Opelika. Diana's friend eventually got to a phone and called her parents for help. The Stricklands now keep a much closer eye on Diana's Internet ativities.He drove them back to Philadelphia where he kept them for three days. Continue to Catching A 'Traveler' to learn how investigators made an arrest.

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Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on a police unit aiming to track down these predators. Evil." Cannup was arrested after traveling to Virginia, expecting to have sex with a 13-year-old girl whom he met and seduced online.