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Air pressure dating sim

You’re reading novel NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System Chapter 338 online at Light Novel Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest chapter next time when you visit Light Novel Seiji Haruta's speedy rate of growth was within her expectations.They entered the practice field."Let's test [Mana Bullet] first," Seiji said as he walked to the practice target area.He concentrated and focused his mind, trying to listen to the voices. At the very least, I'm currently unable to discern her identity." Natsuya sighed. no, 'evolve' the current spells I know."Having a bonded spirit with him and turning into a Spirit-Branded Retainer would greatly increase his stats in all areas, which also included the strength of the spells he could use.However, the voices gradually quieted down, and after a while, he was unable to hear anything. The president revealed an equally confused expression. Seiji tried mentally asking the spirit within him, but there was no response."I tried asking her, but she didn't respond. And if the spells that the spirit knew were the same or similar to the ones that the Spiritual Ability user knew, then the spells could be combined into a stronger version of the original spell—this was known as "spell evolution! unless you have a very high synchronization ratio, it's usually impossible to do this without extensive practice. I'm unable to use any of her spells that she knows.""If you can immediately use spell evolution without any practice at all beforehand, that means that this female spirit has an incredibly high synchronization ratio with you." Natsuya asked."Including the [Body-strengthening Technique], five," Seiji answered.Ever since the battle with Okubo Yoshiaki, he had learned four new spells in less than a month. Anyone else that heard this would surely have been astonished, but Natsuya was unruffled, because she had already finished being astonished.

looks like a nice bed," a lazy-sounding female voice said, breaking the mental silence. I'll pay an appropriate rental fee, so is it acceptable if I do so? Anyway, when you need to use my power, just go ahead and use it."Then, the spirit yawned. She didn't ask his name, nor did she introduce herself. Sleeping would help a spirit to recover their energy, but while they were sleeping, the human host would be unable to use any of the spirit's spells, including spell evolution.

"Seiji felt that this spirit was different from Light-chan. "As Natsuya's mutters turned into shouts, a strong power entered his head and filled his body."So comfortable~ I'm going to sleep, so good night."Eh? This basically meant that the normal scenario was that, while the spirit was sleeping, a person could either use all of the spirit's powers and spells or none at all.

She seemed somewhat inscrutable, but he also sensed that she was an equally strong existence, so he agreed."Spirit, descend! Only being able to use spell evolution but not other spells was quite an abnormal scenario.

Seiji walked up to the target and tapped it gently with his little finger. Then, he tried to break a piece off from the target.

A piece came off in his hands as easily as if it had hollowed out by white ants.

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