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After marching to and eating lunch, cadets may participate in military training, Commander’s Calls, briefings or commissioning education from - p.m or go straight to afternoon classes. All other cadets participate in intramural sports with their respective squadrons and Commandant-level approved unit level activities.

An optional evening mealtime buffet is offered from to p.m. every class day except Monday where it is extended to p.m. where briefings, lectures, ancillary training, and military training takes place. Your day ends with taps (the final bugle call of the day) at p.m. The daily schedule will vary during the summer according to the military-training activity in which you’re involved.

The cadet wing social committees also arrange dances, both formal and informal, throughout the year. As a cadet, you will be expected to dress in formal uniforms and to attend scheduled dinners with your squadron or class in Mitchell Hall.Therefore, offering them on a day-to-day basis may be difficult, if not impossible to accommodate.Cadets in this situation should work the issue through their Cadet Group Chaplain.Military training takes place on various Saturdays throughout the semester with non-training Saturdays being free time for most cadets.Rooms in the two dormitories, Vandenberg Hall and Sijan Hall, are similar.

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However, during the lunch meal, cadets are offered the opportunity to sit at “lite tables” where low-fat, low-calorie meals are served.

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