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Then some advertising executive had a brainwave: “TV is full of ads, radio is full of ads – why not the internet too? The result – every time you now visit a web-site, you’ll no doubt see a distracting advert offering you 10% off the latest Dan Brown book, discounted flights to Chicago, or a voucher if you spend 0 or more at Macy’s. In its simplest terms, affiliate marketing is where a website allows a bigger – usually retail – web-site to place an advertisement on their landing page.

The ad is a “click-thru’ link – if a visitor to the hosting site clicks on it, they will be taken to the retail site and offered the chance to receive the promised offer or make the offered purchase.

Each time a visitor makes that all-important click, the owner of the original hosting web-site receives a commission.

Affiliate marketing can offer worthwhile benefits to website owners and generate a reasonable to significant amount of income.

3) Commission Junction com Despite the popularity of Google and Amazon, Commission Junction still styles itself as the largest affiliate program company around.

Their marketing is CPA-based – CPA stands for ‘cost per action’ and means that each time a visitor clicks on a hosted ad, you only get paid if they actually do something, such as make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter.

Whilst their site is soaked in confusing techobabble (“cutting-edge affiliate techology”, “premier omni-channel consumer engagement”) the company’s aims are clear.

They only take on affiliates if such an affiliate can prove they have a succinct knowledge of the techniques used to drive visitors to their site, and only select merchants with premier, functioning web-stores with decent conversion rates.Over two million people use Adsense from Google, and Google pay out between one and five cents a click, depending upon the ads that are supplied to your site.2) Amazon Associates affiliate-program.There’s also no surprise that the company recognised as the biggest online retailers have their own dedicated affiliate marketing program.6) Ebay Partner Network is the affiliate program of the world’s leading auction site.Ebay’s affiliate program was previously run via Commission Junction, but they split from their umbrella affiliate partner in 2008 to launch their own affiliate program.

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Affiliate marketing is something we’re all familiar with, even though we might not realize it.

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