Adult singles dating biddeford maine Adult chat asian

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Adult singles dating biddeford maine

I spend most of my day as a health coach, digital strategy consultant, and human being giving advice.It can be hard to turn it off sometimes, so if I’ve ever cornered you in a bar and given you random unsolicited advice, I apologize.When her friends with boat building skills were losing their jobs during the recession, they looked to her for connections. The people who are amazing in relationships might not be great daters, because they’ve never really had to date.They were highly skilled and talented, but had never in 30 years had to look for a job, so they leaned on her for her connections. On the flip side, people who are great daters aren’t necessarily good in long-term relationships. She specializes in working one-on-one with people who have been in long-term relationships, are talented, respected, and live life to the fullest.She saw how that created imbalance in these relationships, and she set out to do things differently.She connects clients who are both equally invested in the process.

When Jill started talking about her experience in recruiting for the boat building industry, it didn’t take long to realize why she is absolutely wonderful at making relationship connections.She works with two major groups of people: Those in their late 20s and 30s who are looking for a good match and also those starting to date after a divorce or long-term relationship.She is the perfect partner-in-dating for people who are shy or have a hard time dating.She is obviously in this business because if she tried to do any other work, she would still be doing matchmaking. There is something incredible about talking to a person who immediately sees your best qualities and helps you see and appreciate those qualities like you never had before.My self confidence rose a few notches as soon as our conversation started.

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