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To choose is to deliberate (think a thought) in one’s mind between two or more paths.If, according to this English professor, a thought does not exist unless articulated, then the other thoughts competing with the one chosen did not exist.After good deal of discussion with the parents , I found out that the mother had put the child into a regular primary school .This School had no Special infrastructure for handling autism .Early intervention has a very important role in the recovery of the child from autism.

It seems that the child has slipped into his own world . His mind is getting trained to be in his own world . Put all your energy into pulling your child out of the world that he has slipped into.My Clinic deals with nearly 3-5 new cases of autism every day and a follow-up of at least dozen Autism cases every day.Autism Intervention -Earlier the Better Start early.13 essential Steps For your Child’s Recovery from Autism It is very natural for all parents to go through a ‘difficult period’ initially once they come to know about their child ‘s autism issue.My advise would be’ please don’t despair’ even if your pediatrician has taken away every bit of hope of your child’s recovery from autism.

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Autism Therapist vs You It is you and not the therapist who is going to make the big difference . Most parents get relaxed and they stop working with the child as much as they should, once they are seeking help from a therapist.

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