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The brood patch is an area of skin on the abdomen where the feathers fall out and blood vessels in the skin fill with warm blood.February 8, 2018 Both birds were at the nest today rearranging the grass in the nest bowl.We we can't always expect a third egg to be laid.

The pair hasn't been seen for the past few days and could be at their second nest location, Cyndi will keep us updated.

The view of the nest was limited by branches and leaves during the 2013 nesting season.

A total of 23 eagle chicks have been raised and fledged from this nest since 2005.

The first egg is due to be hatching, yesterday the 21st was the 35th day of incubation.

Both adults incubated throughout the snow storm yesterday keeping the eggs nice and dry. 3/13/18 The eagles have incubated through all the storms, both rain and snow.

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We can tell the male because he is a banded with a green (NJ) band and a silver federal band.

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