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Aaliyah dating dmx

Need to address emotional turmoil or a complex situation? Even before there were numerous rape and pedophilia accusations stacked against him, the relationship between the pair was still pretty reasonably disgusting, especially since they were both initially introduced when she was only 12.7.

The less said about the portrayals of Missy Elliott and Timbaland, the better; Alexandra Shipp's performance as the princess herself only had fleeting moments of capturing the essence of Aaliyah, whether it was the way she smirked and how she wore those street-fashion clothes.

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Since her passing, controversy has surrounded the use and manipulation of her material by artists like Drake and Chris Brown, who have jumped on unreleased Aaliyah tracks to add verses and have copped her voice for their own respective songs.

Plus, her vocals are even going to be brought to life once more on the forthcoming release from Timbaland protege Tink.

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It's understandable to an extent: his presence is all over level bad breakup is pretty ignorant of the circumstances.