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The smaller 1900 National League allowed the Western League to fulfill its dreams of becoming a major league, filling the void in a number of cities by renaming itself the American League in 1900 and declaring itself a major league in 1901.With shorter schedules before 1886, it was much more common for teams to finish with sub-.300 winning percentages, as there was less of the evening out effect of a longer season.

The Braves' home winning percentage of .167 is the fifth-lowest of any MLB team and the lowest since 1900.

Poor attendances meant that they played 97 of their 136 games on the road, finishing with a road record of 9–88 (the 88 road losses remained a record until 1899, and is unreachable under current MLB scheduling rules).

The Alleghenys .093 road winning percentage is the lowest in MLB history for a minimum of 60 games.

The Athletics then finished in last place from 1915–1922.

In 1916, they went 36–117, including 13–64 on the road.

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For comparison, this projects to 18–144 under the current schedule, and Pythagorean expectation based on the Quicksteps' results and the current 162-game schedule predicts a record of 14–148.