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In website projects, once the report gets added to App_Code folder, you will have to right click on the report and click on "View Designer".

Once the report opens in desing view, gets generated.

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and the various flags that you can use to create .licenses file that can be embedded as a resource in an executable.

I personally prefer command line, but majority of the users hate it, so I will stay away from it too.

The drama's viewership ratings peaked at more than 2%, which was described to be "a huge success" relative to China's large population.

This drives people nuts and immediate assumption is made that uses standard . First property listed is "Build Action" You design your reports, run them and the red evaluation banner is gone from the bottom of each page that is generated in report's document. By that I mean that you will either send the 6 installed.

will get generated if the report opens in design view.

So, right click on report file in the solution explorer, select 'View Designer".

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If you double click on it in the reflector, you can also see some textual information on what is in there.