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101 dating ideas

This one's not for those who get easily embarrassed, but if you let your adventurous side come out, it's guaranteed to be a fun time.

Whether you're in a city or the countryside, renting bikes is a great way to explore where you live and get exercise at the same time.

Teamwork and the natural endorphins are guaranteed to pull you closer.

Take a card from your youth playbook by organizing a friendly game of miniature golf.Carnivals are one of those timeless traditions that feel just as exciting on screen as they do in real life.Play some games, eat too much cotton candy, and take a trip on both the ferris wheel Zoos and aquariums are fun options for dates when you want a creative setting—enjoy some light banter under the calming blue lights of an aquarium or trade stories as you take in all of the sights and sounds of the wildlife.If riding the open road isn't your thing, find a trail that provides more shade and requires less planning.Galleries are great events for dates because there's usually not an entry free and you can score a glass of wine.

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Plus, the surrounding photos and art will provide instant conversation cues to transcend basic small talk.