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The only thing that has changed is that there are more locals now.

One theory is that this drinking is stress related, brought on by constant territorial invasion by tourists.

s the ice retreated, the tree line in the Lake District grew to as high as 2500 feet, which means that only the top 500 feet of our highest mountains would have been visible as we see them now.

From then on, there is abundant evidence of the activities of Neolithic man, who can be assumed to have moved here as the warming progressed.

It adopted water power at an early stage and later developed machine tool manufacture.

Quarrying and mining were local industries, and quarrying continues to be, despite attempts by conservationists to stop it, an interesting case of blinkered thinking – we are forced to use local slate and stone for building.

closed."In addition to BA, 10 other airlines' services have been cancelled: Aer Lingus (to Cork), Air France (Paris), Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong), Eurowings (Dusseldorf), Lufthansa (Frankfurt), Turkish Airlines (Istanbul), and four to Amsterdam on KLM.

Danny Mc Donagh, from Louisburgh, County Mayo in Ireland, prepared a fake radio news report for his son and daughter, listing schools that had been closed in the area due to the snowy weather.

Here's how Ruairi, six, and Ciara, 10, reacted when their school was announced: Mother Tracy Mc Donagh said: "We got a text through at 7pm last night to say the school would be closed today due to the treacherous road conditions."One of our family's favourite shows is an American show called The Goldbergs and an episode that they watched recently was about a snow day."Usually the kids in the show listen to the radio - it's set in the '80s - waiting for the school closure announcements and always end up having the only school that stays open but in this episode it was closed and they have the best snow day ever."Our kids wished at the time that they could have the same!

The climate became warmer than it is today, allowing the human population to live quite comfortably in the would have been plenty of food to gather and hunt, enabling the gradual establishment of small organised communities.

By 2000 BC, the landscape had been developed considerably by the hand of man, as trees were felled and ground was cleared.

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8.15am: Hundreds of schools shut and drivers warned of chaos as cold snap set to hit -15C 8.30am: 50,000 British Airways passengers stranded after de-icing meltdown at Heathrow Airport 8.45am: Temperatures plunge as low as -12.2C in northern England 9.40am: Thousands of homes without power 10.45am: Car insurance claims surge 50 per cent as drivers battle snow and ice 1.15pm: More than 1,000 schools shut due to big freeze 2.30pm: Passengers complain of airport 'chaos' 4pm: 'Record' volume of breakdown calls Freezing temperatures, ice and snow have affected travel across the UK, with disruption to roads, railways and airports.