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The bottle colored in warm nuances was designed by Tom Ford and Doug Lloyd. I just bought a sealed 3.3oz, 4 ingredient retail bottle for 0.00 shipped off e Bay. @ Marlene Dietrich of course the sales rep would lie, you wouldn't buy if he/she tells you the truth that the current M7 versions is reformulated and very weak... @marlene I have all versions of M7 the longevity of the vintage is truly stunning powerhouse in every way. Don't know how it will turn out, but Tom ford made himself with this stuff and i hear its great! M7 it's a special perfume: Unique & different from others this is my my personal vintage ( i s .

Now I won't have to nurse my 3m L decant that I've had for 4 years... I wouldn't listen to the representatives they just want to sell you the fragrance of course they're gonna say its exactly the same but believe me there's no comparison in longevity and silage and intensity. e l l them also) : Ysl m7 (also M7 Fresh) Chanel Antaeus Nino Cerrruti Pour Homme D&G Pour Homme Gres Pour Homme Serge Lutens Vetuver Oriental & Gris Clair Ted Lapidus Altamir Yardley Imperial Vetyver Contact m The perfect introduction to oud in western mainstream fragrances! I kind of forgot about it and then the craze happened.

There is a black/white picture of nude Yves Sain Laurent himself when he was young. I do not agree that it’s powdery as mentioned - “powder” is olfactory illusion for this one if you overwhelm your nose, if you overspray.

Be patient- don’t shove nose into freshly applied area, let it sink to body hair and skin.

The formula of this perfume encompasses assorted trees and raw, odorous plants.

The composition begins with elegant citrus notes of Italian bergamot, Sicilian mandarin and rosemary from Southern France.

M7 was accompanied by a very provocative advertising campaign with a nude man.

It conjures visions of a Catholic Church being visited by a Arab caravan trading in spices.Then it will start radiate warmth and depth, all the shades of a tree that absorbed sun and wind, water and minerals - turning them into organic life, starting to glow. Next day if I get emotional - the invisible sweat breaks up from the skin - and it releases new waves of aroma. But for now - I do 1 spray into middle of chest, 1 on a back of my neck and 1 below my waist - and when it reaches senses - I feel beautiful despite mirror (I unfriended mirror long ago, and in peace with that). Fantastic review for a legendary masterpiece unique fragrance. For me NOTHING compares to this forget Creed forget new Tom Ford, this beauty started the oud craze and I'm convinced it must have contained some pure oud oil in its blending, as it lasts and projects all day easily and as for sprayed on a shirt will last days. M7 is the quintessential blending of oud into a designer fragrance that doesn't go overboard with sweetness.If I wouldn’t have to shower- I would not know if it ever ends. You can’t do anything with cheap synthetics in here. And I know someone who agrees that I am beautiful ;) in such times LOL. @The lorax many thanks for the clarification and a great review for a fantastic fragrance. Sorry Freedom Lover, but I have tested myself, and checked with a friend who is an expert. :0 Both of us have oils from all over the Oud regions, esp him, jeebis he has a lot. I will part with 100mls, but only in trade for, Chanel Egoiste Cologne Concentrate. :) Obsession For Men, Fahrenheit, Egoiste, and MF'n, Vintage M7. M7 was one of those game changers not only for perfumery but also for myself and my personal tastes in perfume.And what a pleasure not having to bother with the oh-so-boring oud/rose combo as well. I think it has been copied so much that I really don't feel the need to go out and spend absurd amounts of cash like I did. Save the money and go out and buy M7 Oud Absolu and you will be just fine!I get some similarities to the wine and cola combination used in Magnetism for Men as well, but in a much less synthetic way. Very potent (longevity as well as projection are way better than most scents produced these days) and masculine oriental serving oud and vetiver on a base of musk and amber, delivered in a beautiful bottle. @sjunaidalisha i don't know what you've been smelling most likely a badly stored e Bay tester bottle.

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Think of a deep dark, but yet not sharp piney smell. This herbal injection prolongs this beautiful amber and oud combo.

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