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08 number sex chat

CARRIE: 72nd Street and 3rd Avenue (Cut to inside the car) BIG: Have you got that Al? CARRIE: Well, this is my work, I'm sort of a sexual anthropologist BIG: You mean like a hooker?

AL: (Driver) Yes, sir BIG: So, what have you been doing lately? (They both smile) CARRIE: No, I write a column called Sex and the City.

Sometimes you just have to give it a little space, and that’s exactly what is missing in Manhattan – the space for romance (Freeze frame, subtitles read: Skipper Johnston – Website creator – Hopeless Romantic) (Cut to Peter Mason, rock climbing) PETER: The problem is expectations. CARRIE: They’re too old for you SKIPPER: I like older women CARRIE: Maybe, maybe my friend Miranda SKIPPER: When? We’re all going downtown to this club ‘Chaos’ SKIPPER: Great! Don’t tell her I'm nice CARRIE: (Voice-Over) Miranda was going to hate Skipper. He's supposedly some big shot in the publishing world. Bye CARRIE: All right, bye (Cut to in the nightclub ‘Chaos’) CARRIE: (Voice-Over) Friday night at Chaos.

Older women don’t want to settle for what’s available. SAMANTHA: Right well afterwards, I didn’t feel a thing. She'd think he was mocking her with his sweet nature (Cut to Carrie’s apartment from outside, Carrie is walking around) and decide he was an asshole, (The phone rings) the way she had decided all men were assholes (Answers phone) Hello (In this phone conversation, the scene flips between Carrie and Charlotte’s apartments) CHARLOTTE: Hey Carrie, it's Charlotte CARRIE: Hey sweetie CHARLOTTE: Hey, look I can’t meet you guys for dinner tomorrow night because I have an amazing date. It was just like that bar in Cheers where everybody knows your name, except here they were likely to forget it 5 minutes later (Carrie waves across bar) Still it was the crème de la crème of NY whipped into a frenzy.

I mean if you wanna get married, it’s to have kids, right?

And you don’t wanna do it with someone older than 35 ‘cos then you have to have kids right away and that’s about it. Couldn’t hold on to her job and had to move back to Winsconsin to live with her mother (Freeze frame, subtitles read: Miranda Hobbes Esq – Corporate Lawyer – Unmarried woman) Trust me, this is not a story that makes men feel bad (Cut to Charlottes apartment) CHARLOTTE: Most men are threatened by successful women.

Please "pin" our site in your Brave Payments panel, and reward us with your FREE tokens if you'd like to show your support. (Open on Computer Screen- words being typed as said:) CARRIE: (Voice-over): Once upon a time, an English journalist came to New York .. Elizabeth was attractive and bright and right away she hooked up with one of the city’s typically eligible bachelors (Cut to: New York Office, Tim is on the phone) TIM: The question remains: ‘Is this really a company we want to own? A well-liked and respected investment banker who made about 2 million a year…. They met one evening in typical New York fashion at a gallery opening TIM: (pointing at a painting) Like it? (Cut to outside of NY Town house with a ‘For Sale’ sign up) CARRIE: (Voice-Over) One warm Spring day he took her to a town house he saw in Sundays ‘New York Times’ (Cut to inside the house) REALTOR: How about if we start at the top and work our way down? (Pan to Carrie sitting at her computer through a window) Instead we have breakfast at 7am, and affairs we try to forget as quickly as possible.

CARRIE: (Voice-Over) Another thirty something birthday with a group of unmarried female friends… We would all have preferred a nice celebratory conference call (In scene) MIRANDA: You were saying? SAMANTHA: Sweetheart, this is the first time in the history of Manhattan that women have had as much money and power as men plus the equal luxury of treating men like sex objects MIRANDA: Yeah, except men in this city fail on both counts. ALL: Noooo CHARLOTTE: That’s just sick CARRIE: You believe me, the right guy comes along and you two right here, the whole thing (whistles) right out the window CHARLOTTE: That’s right! Carrie tries to retrieve everything; the man just carries on walking. You know most guys, when they meet a girl for the first time, the first thing that they see is.. Is there a woman here aside from me who weighs more than 100 pounds? It's like Undereaters Anonymous MIRANDA: That’s funny Skippy SKIPPER: Skipper MIRANDA: I have this theory that men secretly hate pretty girls because they feel like they’re the ones that rejected them in high school SKIPPER: Right, but if you’re not part of the ‘Beauty Olympics’ you can still become a very interesting person MIRANDA: Are you saying that I’m not pretty enough? Or course you are MIRANDA: So ipso facto I'm can't be interesting.Why are there so many great-unmarried women, and no great-unmarried men? Column title reads ‘Sex and the City’ by Carrie Bradshaw with Carries photo underneath) I explore these sorts of issues in my column and I have terrific sources – my friends (Newspaper headline reads ‘Unmarried Women, Toxic Bachelors) (Cut to Gym) MAN 1: When you’re a young guy in your twenties, women are controlling the relationships.By the time you’re an eligible man in your thirties you feel like you’re being devoured by women. I call it a mid-thirties power flip (Freeze frame, subtitles read: Peter Mason – Advertising Executive – Toxic Batchelor) MAN 2: It’s all about age and Biology. I think perhaps I have met you somewhere before (Cut to Driving Range: Elizabeth hitting golf ball, with Tim guiding her with his arms around her) CARRIE (Voice-Over) For 2 weeks they snuggled… CARRIE (Voice-Over): It was love at first sight ELIZABETH: You know.

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